you ever talked to your friends about your tlfuture job?what kind of job do have you want to have

buatlah dialog tentang meminta dan memberi, minimum 15 kalimat​

buatlah percakapan kerumahtanggaan telaah inggris 10 kalimat tentang wish,hope,dan congratulation​

ide pokok atau inti dari dialog ini segala apa ya?”Happy birthday, Udin! You are a big boy now. I’m proud of you.” “Thank you, Dad. I’m proud of you, too.””A …

mazing! You run like a panther. I’m sure you will win the race.””I hope so. Thanks.”​

ide gerendel atau inti dari dialog ini apaa?​

answer these following questions based on the dialogs!1. where does the dialog take place? 2. when does the dialog occur? 3. to get the students’ atte …

ntion, what does the teacher say? 4. are the students ready to get attention during the english lesson?5. what does the information from Mr.AdnanTolong Jawabin dong Kak Lusa Di kumpulin ​

1.where is the mother?2.where is the grandma?3.where is Jhon?4.where is ANN?5.where is the father?pliss bantuu kalam sekarang ​

Aida has just siring the first prizen the “Bakiak race” to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day, Romi congratulate her. Romi: “….”Aida : “Thank you”A. …

) Sure, good luckB.) Congratulate to AidaC.) Congratulations, AidaD.) Thanks, I will do my best​

practice the dialogs with your friendsMrs.Nadia : attention, please. we have arrived at the campsite.please prepare to pitch the tentsRandy : yes , ma …

‘amMrs.Nadia : Wisnu , Edo,stop talking and listen to me, pleaseWisnu : yes ma’amMrs.Nadia : you have one and a half hours for pitching the tent. Remember, keep the campsite cleanRandy : sure ma’amMrs.Nadia: Ok . Let’s go it nowWisnu : yes ma’am Answer the following question based on the dialog1. when does the dialog occur?2. why does Mrs.Nadia warn Wisnu?3. what do Wisnu and Edo have to do?4. what are the students going to do?5. why should the students keep the campsite clean?Bantu jawab makasih tpi cari yang serius :)​

5. Teacher:” Andi you get good score in this examination ” Andy : “Thank you, Sir. This is because of you”A.) CongratulationB.) GoodC.) WellD.) It not …

worse ​