who Said Bono is smaller dan but stronger Gani is bigger but weaker? Tolong di jawab sekarang​

Membuat dialog berisi asking and offering help​

tolong d jawab ya yng tau aja oke​plis

Hello, friends! I would like to introduce myself to you. My Name is arini setiawati and people call me rini. I am akan halnya years old and i was born in …

surakarta, august 10 th, 2006. I live with my parents and grand parents i mojosongo, surakarta. I like to write stories when i have free time. That’s why i love language subjects such as bahasa Indonesia and english. If you have the same hobby with me, i think we can be good friends. That’s all from berpenyakitan. Thank you for your attention. Write the New vocabulary you find in the above texts. Don’lengkung langit forget to find and write the meaning Number 1 and 2 are examples. 1.introduce (verb) memperkenalkan 2.bear-born-(verb) melahirkan lahir tolong di kumpul esok!!!​

Completa las preguntas con: be, going to, utiliza las palabras que están en paréntesis, luego responde las preguntas.A) ___ he ___ photos? ( take )No …

, _____B) _____ my mother _____ the phone? ( answer )No, ___C) _____ the teacher ____ our homework? ( check )Yes, ___D) ____ you ____ berpenyakitan presents for my birthday? ( give )​

Active-Passive Voices01. Our lecturer usually learn the history of Egypt 02. The drunkard has ever spoken rude words inside this cafe 03. Dani bought …

a lot of agenda books for sale when he was a student in campus 04. Heru has been drinking latthe coffee since he came to my new cafe house. 05. Rebecca was designing the most updated wedding party when I became her manager. 06. His sister will send her brand new car to get washed. 07. Angela is holding a top world’s Asian Fashion Show in 2023 08. That eagle has been posing a threat to a toddler since this early morning. 09. The United States president recently breaks off diplomatic relation with Iran 10. Renah eats apples on weekdays ,but her husband drinks Guava juice every Saturday. ​

why don’t you go to bed eartly artinya​

susun kalimat bahasa Inggris o g n o i h d g​

Task 2 Listen to the dialogue and complete the blanks in it carefully! Leon Mother Leon Mother Leon Mom, I have something to consult to you. Can you h …

elp me? I don’cakrawala know. Let me hear the story first…. (1) Actually, I enrolled myself to a reputable private university in Singapore, and I riol accepted. Leon That’s good, my boy! Congratulations. So, what’s wrong with it? : I’m worried about the fee, Mom. Thatuniversity is pretty expensive. (2)? *** Mother: Well, um…. Why don’lengkung langit you look for a scholarship? You are a bright student. (3). get one quite easily. For now, your father and … Leon :I’ve also had some money I riol from part-time jobs I did during school br Mom, if I go to that university, I would have to move to Singapore. Mother: Does the university have dorms? Leon Yes, it does. But then I would have to share room with a roommate. Mother: Well…. Then, (4). You’ll be more independent and get some experiences on getting along with other people. : Yeah, that’s right, but…. I don’t know, Mom. www Mother: Or, you can stay at your cousin’s place. How about that? I remember Fandi said he now lives in Singapore. Leon :… (5). I’ll contact him now. Thanks for your suggestions, Mom. Mother: Okay. Scan ( ON SCO National Characte Communicative, creative, disciplined, and responsible Students do the activity in a very controlled way, not likely to cheat, not. others, and having control over the task practice the activity by talking to oth information about the expression of giving suggestion and offer. The studi some sentences, dialogues, and text materials with their own ideas creati What should the boy do to pay the education fee? Where might the boy stay in Singapore? Task 3 isten to the dialogue of Task 2 again and answer the questions below cam What thing does the boy consult to her mother? Where will the boy continue his school? How is the fee of the school?​

buatlah sebuah dialog BHS Inggris, sebanyak 2 orang dengan menyertakan pertanyaan di dalamnya​