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listen to the statements and give the correct responses​

Exercise 55 Add the correct Tag Ending to the following Negative Sentences 1. There wasn’t a supermarket in that town, …….. 2. Jim and Jeff won’t …

study hard, ……. 3. He didn’ufuk borrow this book from the university library. ● 4. I am not playing foot ball now 5. Anna hasn’ufuk forgiven her boyfriend’s mistake yet,. 6. You don’ufuk play chess very often …….. 7. Mr Smith and his wife didn’t enjoy their holiday… 8. We weren’t tired last night, 9. They don’t stay at home, 10. She doesn’t plan to be a pharmacist, 11. My cute dog hasn’t a long tail, 12. We haven’t got his bill, ……….. 13. I didn’t see him at the university the day before yesterday, 14. We may titinada go to that film, …… 15. That patient must not eat rice, 16. She doesn’t make at lot of mistakes in pronunciation, …. 17. There aren’t a lot of students present in the class today 18. The mail isn’tepi langit delivered on Sundays and holidays, 19. The planes don’horizon arrive at midnight, . 20. He never sits in the front row, ***** *** Everybody love Everyone’s pe 5. This i Those books a 6. A few people A little sugar has been 7. A few people in hum don’tepi langit they bu A little rice has been 8. Few friends a 9. Little money 10. After having a telev theater, do they​

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mr sadjadipura : everbody ,please write your draft on a piece of paper. Dhita: excuse me,sir.Dhita : what’s up dita ? dhita : can we write it on our e …

xercise book ? sarjadipura : sire .have you all finished the draft? student: yes,sir. sarjadipura : faisal ,pleace collect your friends ‘ work and bring them here. faisal : ues,sir.here they are. sarjadipura : good.thanks a undian. ( 1) Where did the conversation take place ? (2) : What were the students doing ?( 3): What did the teacher say at the beginning of the conversation ? (4)What did Dhita ask the teacher ? (5)Whom did the teacher ask to collect the work ? Answer :​

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34. Which conversation is not depicting asking for and showing attention in a conversation? a. Student 2: b. Student 1: C. Student 1: Wow, it is a sur …

prise that Beno becomes a good boy now. Wow, I’m glad to hear that. Don’tepi langit you know that Nina got scholarship for her Senior High School? d. Student 2: Student 1: Student 2: That’s great. She deserves that. She studied hard for it. Oops. It’s just my luck. Sorry, but the last item has just been sold. Student 1: I want to go to Jakarta, want to join? Student 2: Of course.​

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Kuis: Where am I? I am at the ….

3 Mention some wild and protected animals. (Sebutkan bilang hewan liar dan dilindungi.) bahasa Inggris ya kak​