what do you think the requirement of a Miss Indonesia? As far as I know…..​

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English assigment Congratulation,wish and hope​

A: Hey, do you know if we can get ‘A’ in if we cheating? assignment B: Hmmm… I think so. terjemahan A: So, I will cheating in the next assingment. …

Are you too, buddy? B: I don’kaki langit think so. That’s right if we can get ‘A’ if we cheating, but you must think up with the risk. A: It’s okay if we don’t found out, right? B: That’s what you think, remember, God is watching!! (wewww) A: = =

Please, write 10 sentences of past simple tense in a dialogue

tolongin dong plisss untuk uas hari ini​

adela : faris, can you help derita carry this box faris : sure adela :…. fans : no problem

bantu jawab yaa tanya ulangan​

1.kara and tina…..go home immediately2.I…do the school project righ now3.he…makes cookies for school bazaar doctor4.you…pay before eating ​

pengenalan fasive wa studies english​

jawaban daily assessment 1 semester 1 kelas 11

yang perlu saya lakukan lebih baik merupakan ​