what can you say about parking area in this campus? I think….​

Complete the dialogue below with the simple present or simple future forms of the verbs in parentheses.If now ___ (visit) Los Angeles, you ___ (find)h …

undreds of miles of freeways. You ___ (need) to take a freeway if you ___ (want)to go more than a few blocks in any direction. Unfortunately, when you ___ (get) on a freeway, you ___ (see) thousands of other individuals like you- trying to drive somewhere. If you ___ (look)around, you ___ (notice) that most cars ___ (have) only one person in them. And, if you (open) the car window, you ___ (feel/immediately) the effect of all these car – your eyes and nose ___ (burn) from the pollution.

Use the simple past, past continuous or present perfect forms of the verbs in parentheses to complete the following passage the first English colonis …

ts ___ (arrive) in 1607, the population of the United Stated ___ (grow) to over 225 millions people. People from every country in the world ___ (come)to the United Stated since the first settler ___ (begin) their new lives here.Since the beginning, different groups ___ (have) different goals. For this reason they ___ (settle) in different areas of the United States. The cultures and traditions of each group, combined with its goals ___ (shape) the development of each region in America. For example, when the first groups ___ (move) to New England, most of them ___ (plan) to stay . Entire families ___ (come) to settle. In contras, very few families ___ (go) to the South. Most immigrants there ___ (be) single men. While New England colonist .

Carilah 5 contoh kata majemuk dan kedahagaan kerumahtanggaan bahasa Inggris beserta artinya

GPV ini dibuat kalimat sesuai fakta beserta terjemahannya​

Apa bahasa Indonesianya chapter one it’s English time ​

tolong di isi jangan ngasal​

tolong di isi jangan ngasal

1.i am having a ki aib with my finance, lately so i don’t afford to enter a collage 2.i am really sad for failing in the math test for i was sick las …

tepi langit night and could not study hard 3.i find it not comfortable to stay in my class anymore because my friend is very lazy 4.i’m still confused to decide which one of departments i should take in university 5.our friend irma has a problem with her father because he forbids her to join extra curricular activity​

exampleJorge is from BrazillHe’s Brazilian3. Cricket is from United Kingdom…………….4. Sau is from Vietnam. …,…………5. Pizza is from It …

aly……………….6.Ahmed is from Egyp……………….homework please help​

dear santi,congratulations on reacing your sales perfomance goal know what was involved in gentting it accomplished in record breaking time and in not …

only meeting your goal but surpassing it! i’m so proud of you for setting your sights high and making every effort lo achieve that goal.you truly are laeding by example to ensure your team’s continuing teputation for excellence.you have worked hard and proved to youself and everyone what you are capable of.best wishes for continued succes. 1.what can we know about santi’s job from text above?=​