tolong kak plissssss​

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**Work in pairs and observe the text below. After that make a dialogue using the expression of asking for and giving suggestion!** You have to rea …

lize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you cannot skip it without consequences for your health, your school, and your defense mechanism. It would be better if you wake up earlier and have good breakfast instead of running to school without eating anything. It is time for you to do something for your health and having breakfast is the better way to berangkat your day. Lots of people, especially young people, go through the day without having breakfast. Some people believe that it is not necessary or they say that they don’t have time for that and begin their day with no meal. I would strongly advise that everyone should have breakfast before doing their activities.LANJUTAN Wacana Suka-suka DI GAMBAR.Tolong BANTU SAYA.TERIMAKASIHb.inggris kelas 11 ​

ini kak , tolong kak di jawab besok cak hendak di kumpulkan ​

Jelaskan observasi dan asking question halaman 5 bahasa Inggris papan bawah 9 SMP​

Tolong di tolong kak bahasa inggrisnya

make a congratulation sentence for these reasons.- class 9 is a winner of junior football competition in stadion​

make a congratulation sentence for these reasons. – so abrar when a karate junior competition – abigael is a winner of junior modeling competition in …

ajang. ​

Apakah kalimat tersebut termaktub Offering Help? “Do you mind telling me where I can get it?” please tolong nan bisa jangan asal , sekaligus laporkan ka …

lau asal

haii kak boleh bantu jawab ga? serentak jawaban aja.. bsk di kumpul..sya butuh taajul makasiih​

Mengerjakan soal halaman 2 (tulis dialoq nya) sokong dong kak di tolong jawab tubin di kumpul sya kalam segera. terimakasih ​

You meet your friend in the evening What would you say????pliss jawabb besok ingin dikumpulinn​