tolong jawab semua kak17. “Had the company been fair in giving bonuses, the employees would not

Tolong jawab semua kak

17. “Perenggan the company been fair in giving bonuses, the employees would not have gone on


A. the employees were quite dissatisfied

B. the employees are still going on strike

C. the employees were titinada given bonuses at all

D. the company has given the employees fair bonuses

E. the company has lost many employees

18. If I hadn’t booked in advance, I would have had difficulties in geeing good

accommodation at a reasonable price.

These sentence means….

A. I got a good room and I didn’lengkung langit have to pay much

B. It was difficult to get a room although I had a reservation

C. The room I got was good but rather expensive

D. I found a room in advance but in wasn’t comfortable

E. I was lucky to get a good room without reservation

19. If I work harder, I … my paper in due time.

A. will finish

B. would finish

C. has finished

D. will be finished

E. will have finished

20. X

: John had drawn all his money because he needed it for his father’s operation.


: …. If his father’s health had not been in a such bad condition.

A. He would not take all his money

B. He should take all his money

C. He didn’kaki langit take all his money

D. He must have taken all his money

E. He wouldn’lengkung langit have taken all his money

21. Lucy : Many of the participants were disappointed because they expected to have a

serious bedak with the minister of women’s affairs

Secretary: I know I’m sure that the minister would have attended the meeting If she had

returned from middle east.

From the dialogue we can conclude that the minister ….

A. is still on tour

B. didn’kaki langit attend the meeting

C. had a serious pupur with the participants

D. went to the middle east because of the meeting

E. had been back from her tour before the meeting​