Tolong jawab dengan tepat​

identify the function of each sentences!1. would you like me to help you?2. i suggest you study harder3. why don’lengkung langit you go to hospital?4. do you mind i …

f i close the door?5. you should ask permission6. how about joining english course?7. may i help you finish your task?8. would you like ice tea?​

10. Chintia lends you her pen. What will you say to express your gratitude. You : …… for lending derita your pena. Chintia/: You’re welcome. A. Sorry B …

. I’m sorry C. I’m sorry for that D. Thank you so much​

bikin lah 20 pertanyan menggunakan kata emotion bantu plis​

(…..) (you) already? you only git here a few minutes ago!

Read this dialogue and then answer the questions ! Arman : Friends ! Attention , please !Didik : what’s up ?Arman : Do you guys bring Snack and drinks …

? I forgot it ! ( Everybody is checking their bags )Panji : Listen up !(Everybody is checking their bags)Panji : Listen up !Fikri : What ?Panji : I don’t bring snacks, tooDidik : Argh ! changed my bag before leaving.I left my snacks !Fikri : I totally forgot about that .what shoud we do ? We’re going to picnic without Snacks and dringks ?Didik : Look at that ! There is a minimarket at front .Let’s stop and buy some snacks .Arman : Ok .( Talking to the driver ) .Excuse berpenyakitan ,sirDriver : yes ?Arman : Can we stop at the minimarket first ?Driver : AlringhtQuestion :1. Where does the dialogue probably happen ?2. What are they going to do ?3. What does Arman say to attract his friends’ attention ?4. What does Ajar say to respond Arman ?5. Why are they checking their bags ?6. Does Didik bring his snacks ? Why ?7. What does Jaga see at front ?8. What does Arman ask to the driver ?9. What will probably the driver do ?10. What are they going to do at the minimarket ?KK Sokong bantu jawab dan dikasih bahasa Indonesia / terjemahan nya y KK ​

Percakapan tantang Good Epaning ​

membuat dialog b. Inggris tentang dialog checking understanding and misunderstanding 4orang​

Task 3 .Listen carefully to complete each phrase! How to Ask for an Opinion What did you … the song? What do you … the new English teacher? that falak …

he cheese cake is nice? What is your … about learning English? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is your… about the regulations of our school? How to Give an Opinion I… these noodles are salty. it’s important to learn English. After some …, we need to cancel the study tour. I… the idea that the classroom should be cleaned twice a day. 10. …, I think we can borrow some books in the library. 6. 7. 7. 8. ***y​