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Dialog 2 Brian : That’s a good idea. Brian : Do you have any plans tomorrow? | 7 Brian : That is perfect. What time should I pick you up? : Yes, it’s …

sunny. It is a great time to go outside. 6 Brian Gavin At 8 will be nice. Gavin : Nothing. Do you ask me to go out? 2 Gavin It will be sunny from morning to afternoon. There maybe some rain at night. S Gavin : Let me see the weather forecast first.​

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belaka jawab episode no 2 dan 3​

aku ga ngerti, can u help me? besok dikumpull​

Make a conversation using three axpresions, such as hope, wish, cangratulation! jangan copy memiliki orang :)​

Guna sosialstruktur struktur kebahasaanunsur kebahasaan Ungkapan tentang bhs Inggris , Tolong di jawab soalnya saya masih bingung ☺️:)​

1. Phubbing is ignoring others because of a gadget. Do you agree with phubbing? Why? Answer: 2. The students are helping the old man. Do you agree wit …

h them? Why? Answer: 3. The people are making the donation for the disaster victims. Do you agree with them? Why? Answer: 4. The family are riding a motorbike unsafely. Do you agree with them? Why? Answer:​

H. Class activity: Read your group’s list to the class. Then find out the class favorites. 1. Read the text, and complete the table. We share our plan …

et with millions of species of animals. Animals are beautiful and intelligent, but people often do terrible things to them. In my opinion, we have to stop cruelty to animais. Circuses: We love seeing animals like elephants and lions in circuses. They live in small cages, and people often hit the animals if they don’t learn quickly. Some people think that the animals don’t suffer because they are used to circus life. But I think it’s cruel. Traditions: Sports like bullfighting, fox hunting and dog fighting are popular in a lot of countries. Some people think that bullfighting is exciting, and say that it’s fair because bulls are strong and powerful. But I disagree, because the bullfighter chooses to fight, but the bull can’tepi langit choose. Animal trafficking: A lot of exotic animals are taken from their natural habitats. People can make a undian of money from animal trafficking. People buy them as pets, or kill them for food, or make products from their bodies such as sovenir, clothes and medicine. J. Complete the table based on the text above. Why do people use animals for this? Why does the writer think it’s cruel? Circuses Bullfighting Animal trafficking Sokong DI JAWAB Kerjakan SEKARANG PLISS MOHONN BANGETT TOLONGG BANGETT​