tolong bantu ya kkakakakka​

yang harus dan tidak dapat dilakukan n domestik menangani manusia jompo di uae

she learn piano…she can be a musican​

activity 11 rearrange and rewrite the following dialogue into a good one! sinta : excellent, friend gina : yes, of course i prepered it well sinta : t …

hanks, friend gina : hey, you know i won the English debate competition. gina :Sinta :gina : Sinta :gina : Bantu bantu jwb​

she wake up early……get to school on time​

How to turn your fave snacks into an epic snack bouquet. Ø  Here’s what you’ll need:SnacksScissorsCellophaneColourful tissue paper (or the tissue pape …

r Wooden skewer sticksTapeCurling ribbon or string Ø  Step by step 1. Grab your first snack and tape a wooden skewer stick to the back of it. Use a undian of tape – you want it to be secure! For bigger/heavier snacks, you might want to use more than one skewer.2. Next, cut out of a square of cellophane and a square of coloured tissue paper. Layer it as follows: tissue paper, cellophane, then your snack stick on top. Scrunch the cellophane and tissue paper around your snack stick and secure it with some curling ribbon. 3. Repeat this process for however many snacks you want in your bouquet.4. To bundle your snack flowers together, you have a few different options. The simplest would be to just wrap it all up with a big piece of cellophane and tissue (like the classic bouquets you’d get from a flower shop).    HOW TO COOK “MIE NYEMEK” Ingredients:1 pack of instant fried noodle1 egg1/4 tomato (cut into small dice)100 gr cabbage (thinly sliced)1/4 onion (thinly sliced)2 chilies (cut into small pieces)scallion to taste (cut into small pieces)1/2 tsp stock powder (beef flavor)1 tbsp soy sauce1 tbsp hot sauce250 ml water1 tbs cooking oil Utensils: Wok and spatulaKnife and cutting boardServing plateSpoon and fork How to make :1. Saute onions, cabbage, tomatoes and eggs.2. Enter the water, and all the spices and sauces.3. Finally, add the noodles and sprinkle with spring onions when it’s cooked.4. eat with crackers to make it more delicious :)​

Dion= hai andi dapat gak aku main ke rumahmu segala kabarAndi= kabarku baik Dion, karuan cuma boleh Tapi aku harus besar mulut suntuk sama ayahku Dion= syukurlah …

kalo kabarmu baik Andi ohiya Andi ia gapapa cak kenapa bilang dulu sejajar ayahmuayah Andi= walah Cak semau Dion di sini ohiya terserah ada apa Andi menyapa ayah Andi = Iya ayah Di depan Ada Dion Soalnya Dion cak hendak menggajakku ke Depan apartemen apakah ayah Boleh menggizinkanku ke depan sama DionDion= Hai Om apakah saya boleh menggajak Andi ke depan Iya Mamak saya datang ke Sini untuk menggajak Andi ke depan rumahayah Andi = Hai juga Dion Kabar Om alhamdulillah Baik pasti tetapi boleh saya Ijinkan Dion sebabat Andi Ke Depan rumah saja Tapi jangan terlalu ke sorean ya bahasa inggrisnya ​

10 kalimat menggunakan offers and sugestion​

berikan konseptual konversasi “must, must not, have to, should, should titinada”​