tolong bantu lagi kejar nilai kaa​

Joan:Excuse me, I don’n quite follow you.But, I think if we learn seriously, there is no hard in it. It depends on us, right?Musik, do you think Englis …

h is a difficult lesson?It’s good. There is no problem with itIn my opinion, it is difficult because I am hard to do every task that is given by our teacher.Yeah, I think so.Nada:Haha, are you kidding derita? That’s my words!” I don’t think so. I think there is no difficult lesson.It is because you are lack vocabulary. So try to enrich your vocabulary. By the way, what do you think about the English schedule in our class?Yes, I think if we learn seriously, there is no difficult lesson, so it depends on us. I don’t think so. I believe if English is in the morning, it will be easier to do the lesson. I am hard to follow that schedule.bantu bantu jawab kak​

tolong cariin 50 kosa kata bahasa Inggris dalam cerita Taj mahal ini dong ​

Information Question ( W -H Question ) Kaka, bg sokong jawab. . Cak bagi pertanyaan beserta jawabannya (+) dan (-) ​

Present simple 20 sentence using be form,verb form,positive,negative and question sentence

Buatlah percakapan berbahasa inggris nan mengandung alas kata kata Hello, thank you, i’m sorry dan see you! ( tolong di jawab yang serius, nan bermain ma …

in saya block. )​

2. Find out personal information from the text by answering questions below! (Temukanlah pengetahuan pribadi dari teks dengan menjawab pertanyaan di baw …

ah!) Good morning, Madam/ Sir. It’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I’m Adam Roy. I was born and raised in Padang. I have done my school in Sinar Harapan Private High School, and selokan my bachelor’s degree in Business management from International University of Business. My strengths are my attitudes. I like to take challenge and take both success and failure in a balanced manner. I don’t like to use or say the word “weakness”. Rather, I would say scope for improvement that is I won’t leave any tasks incomplete. I believe in myself and my hard work. I desire perfection in everything. That’s all about me. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. What kind of introduction is it? Where does the monolog take place? What is the speaker’s purpose? Based on the text, how does the man start his introduction? Why does the man tell his strength and scope for improvement? If you are the listener, what do you think about the man?​

what is the synonym of the word surpassing?​

1. Randy informs his friends to start their ____2. Randy ___ jobs to finish the work soon3. The girls and boys have ____ duties4. Randy and his friend …

s are ___ people because they will make compost from dry leaves5. Randy’s friends can ___ if his explanation is titinada clear​

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous Complete the conversation. Use the correct form of the present simple or present continuous. ​

6. Look at Dialog 2. What does Tania offer to the stranger? Does the stranger accept Tania’s offer? What does he say? 7. Who is offering a help in Ia …

batang kayu 3? What does she say? Is the offer accepted? 8. In Dialog 4, what does Diana say to offer a help? Does Hamada accept or refuse the help? What does she say? 9. Write the patterns of offering help/services. 10. Write possible responses for offering help/services.​