tolong bantu jwab kak lg pat ​

what do you call This kind of form?​

no. 1 semenjak A sampe J sokong ya kawan ​

bahasa ind Took a awrong book ​

5. No Wrong Numbers Mr James Scott has a garage in Silbury and now he has just bought another garage in Pinhurst. Pinhurst is only five miles from Sil …

bury, but Mr Scott cannot get a telephone for his new garage, so he has just bought twelve pigeons. Yesterday, a pigeon carried the first message from Pinhurst to Silbury. The bird covered the distance in three minutes. Up to now, Mr Scott has sent a great many requests for spare parts and other urgent messages from one garage to the other. In this way, he has begun his own private ‘telephone’ service.​ 1. Where has Mr Scott opened his second garage? 2. Where is his first garage? 3. How far away is Silbery 4. Can Mr Scott get a telephone for his new garage or not? 5. What has he bought? 6. In how many minute do they carry messages from one garage to the other? mohon jawaban.. terima kaseh bantu

kk2 dn abanh2 tercinta sokong ak Donh,bantu kasi tau nama3 biji zakar yg suka-suka di gambar ini bertepatan bahasa Inggris nya makasii​

Buatlah percakapan introduction 2 sosok seperti menaykan nama,alamat,hobi,cita,dll menggunakan bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia dan memakai kata pr …


buatlah konversasi tentang giving suggestion 1.berilah saran kepada teman nan cangap mangkir sekolah 2.berilah saran kepada oponen yang tidak patuh puas …

orang tua dengan menggunakan kalimat ungkapan memberi saran let’s dan why don’falak we ​

A student is talking to his advisor student:Mr Wilson ,what di you recommend regarding my chemistry class?should I drop it or continue with it?Mr Wils …

on:I think it would be a good idea to bedak with your instructor.try talking with her about your problems and see what she suggest.student:what if she saya I should continue with the class?Mr Wilson:then my recommendation is that you follow her advice.she doesn’t want to fail youstudent:okay, l’ll se my instructor tomorrow.thanks,Mr Wilson.Mr Wilson:you’re welcome11.answer the following questions.a.what is the Topic of the dialogue.b.what does Mr Wilson recommend the student?c.what makes the student worry?d.what will the student do after he consults Mr Wilson?sokong jwb kak skrng!​