They’re so pretty it hurtsI’m not talking ’bout boysI’m talking ’bout girls​


b. Inggris kelas bawah 5 plis kak jangan ngasal ya tar direport loh​

membuat paragraf yg mendeskripsikan diri koteng dlm b Inggris​

1. 2. 3. ABABABAABABAABABA : (a) “Hi” (b) ….. good to see you “(a) : “You too. How’ve you been?” : “(b)… You?” : “Pretty good. How’s your new scho …

ol?” : (b)”It’s okay. I have a undian of new friends there. What’s new with you?” :(a) “Not much.” …….. (b)”….. teacher, how are you?” **** : (a) “Good afternoon. I am doing well. And you?” : (a) “I’m great, thank you.” : “Can you come to my office for 9 a.m. tomorrow morning?” : (a) “Yes, that will be no komplikasi.” Mom!” : “(b) …Dear. Here’s your breakfast.” : “Oh, this is my favorite sandwich!” : “Yes. I made it special for you.” “Thank you, Mom.”​

Please help give the answer, because it’s my sister’s second grade high school lesson !!​

tolong jawab kak buat tubin​

Task 4 Complete these dialogs with the utterance provided. : “Look! This is my pencelup. She’s cute, isn’t she?” “(1). Zariel Hanif Zariel : “She’s Putih.” …

Hanif : “(2). Zariel : “Thanks. Rehan : “What do you think of the picture? Mahendra did it well, didn’t he?” Azahra: “(3). Rehan : “The picture is beautiful! I like the color.” Azahra: “What about this invitation card?” Rehan : “(4). Azahra: “I think so. 1. 3. Aura Yulia Aura Yulia Aura Yulia Aura Yulia Aura : “Excuse me!” : “Hi, Angel. What’s up?” : “I want to show you my drawing. What do you think about it?” : “(5). : “It is the landscape of my hometown.” : “Really?” : “Yes, it is! Will you come someday?” : “Yes, I will.” : “What about your hometown? Do you think it is good?” What’s her name? . It is very beautiful.” How about you?”​

terjemahkan ini two weeks ago I and my family were​

task 4 make a short dialogue of complimenting based on the picture below? tentang bagian kandungan​

Dialog 1 Dahlia Ardy, I heard your father has been appointed a (1). Congrats! Ardy That’s right. Thanks. Dahlia: Will you and your family (2) Ardy Dah …

lia that he represents the Indonesians. Ardy I know that. We realize that it’s a great Dialog 2 Sheila Darwis Sheila to Jakarta? I don’kaki langit think so. Our big family lives in this town so we have no (3). my father and mother will stay there. I hope your father can do his job well. He has been elected via (4). election, meaning responsibility and my father must keep people’s (5) Thanks for your support. Mom told me that you will work for an (1). It is. I just received an (2). Congratulations! Thanks. It will be your first job after (3) of the House of Representatives. Darwis Sheila Darwis Thank you. Sheila When will you (4) then? Darwis I have two weeks for preparation. Sheila Well, I will (5) you. to move there. Only On Attitude Be a trustworthy person. Otherwise, people will titinada ever trust you. in Kalimantan. Is that true? telling me that I passed the test. I hope for your great success and good luck!