There are … expensive new flats next to the river. A. any B. much C. a lot of D. a little while ​

IN A I am a boy. I am a girl. Am I a boy? Yes, Am I a girl? You are a man. You Are you We are happy. We Are we , you are not. He is very smart. He Is …

he She is beautiful. She Is she They are students. They Are they It is a cat. It Is it a woman. ? Yes, ? No, sad. ? Yes, ? No, teachers. ? Yes, ? No, stupid. ? Yes, ? No, handsome. ? Yes, ? No, a rabbit. ? Yes, ? No,​

tolong di bantuin bahasa Inggris nyaa​

my… sock has got hole in it​

ubahla kalimat kalimat berikut menjadi kalimat aktual,negatif.tolong dibantu ya makasih ​

tolong dijawab ya plissssssssss​

She is your mother’s wife is your

1. Dedy’s grandfather is … East Java but Dedy lives in Provokasi. A. in B. over C. on D. at​

tolong bantu jawab 6 soal ini dan tolong jangan asal jawab , sokong sekali​

mohon bantuannya kak 1. Who will have a guitar lesson? Answer:2. Can Anton play a guitar? Show the evidence! Answer:3. How long does it take to get to …

the shop? Answer:4. Which word in the dialogue has the same meaning of amateur? Answer:5. Why does Dimas suggest Anton buy the Pyramid? Answer:6. Do you think Anton is a good brother? Give a supporting argument! Answer:7. “Which utterances show the expressions of asking for suggestion? Answer:8. Which utterances show the expressions of giving suggestion? Answer:​