Surat Al Ikhlas Memuat Ajaran

If you’re seeking support from others who are sharing common experiences with a spouse, partner or family member struggling with alcoholism, then you may benefit from Al-Anon meetings. Following these guidelines could help you learn how to find Al-Anon meetings in your daerah.

Visit the Al-Anon Website

When you visit the Al-Anon website, you’ll see a list of menu offerings along the top of the page. Click on “Al-Anon Meetings,” which is the third from the left. In doing so, you’ll be directed to a new page. You’ll see a map of the United States and several options. It’s this website page where you’ll be conducting your searches.

Once you’re directed to the page with the map, you’ll be able to find Al-Anon meetings at a distance of five miles away up to 100 miles away from your location. In the first box, enter your location, then select how close you’d like to search. Click on “Al-Anon” and then select the days of the week you’d like to attend. Once you’ve done that, click on the “Classic Search” button on the bottom of the screen to see Al-Anon meeting locations.

Clicking “My Location”

Clicking the “My Location” button next to the search box will bring up a dialog box asking if the site has permission to access your location. When you click “Allow,” the site will automatically jatuh a pin on the map to the nearest Al-Anon meetings to your location. Next to the map, it will outline how many miles away it is from your address, the days of the week the meeting takes place, which is welcome, if there are handicap access and the phone number of the venue.

Participation in Electronic Meetings

If you aren’cakrawala comfortable with participating in face-to-face meetings right away, but would still like to seek support, you still have the option of attending virtual meetings. These meetings occur either on the phone or online. They include a blog, bulletin board and conferences that occur on the web. When you look up the listings, you’ll find more than 100 phone meetings occurring in the United States Eastern time zone that are not prerecorded and are happening in real time.

Seeking Group Family Support

It’s possible to find additional opportunities for group family support services on the Nar-Anon website, as well. When you use this website, it’s possible to search for meetings by city, state or ZIP code that are between five and one hundred miles from your location. Because meeting changes are changing daily, the website provides users with a link to follow that contains these updates.