pengalaman saat mengembangkan kemampuan dan keterampilan dari orang lain

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kk sokong sokong jawab kk​

kk sokong tolong jawab kk ​

Good morning for me introduce describe myself mu name is…..and a iam ……… (age) i am…….and……..(pesonality),i have person…….(apprance) i am…….(spelicial …

s features) Sokong bantu jawab di isii titik2 ny pke bahasa Inggris

Observe the pictures below, read the conversation and answer the question that follow​

Find the expressions of giving and asking for opinions.Dialogue 1 a. Asking opinion? b. Giving opinion? tolong bantu sayaa​

b с Look at the pictures. Ask the teacher: ‘What’s 6. pen 2. 7. 8 ABC Write the words from the box under the pictures in Exercise 2a. Listen, check an …

d repeat. pen notebook book CD pencil desk board window door chair Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about the pictures. A: What’s… in English? B: It’s a desk. b​

Pratice The Following Dialogue With Your Friend!Mr. Jack: “Hello waiter, can you come here?” Waiter: “Sure. What can I do for you Sir?” Mr Jack: “Coul …

d you bring me some salt?” Waiter: “Yes Sir, and would you like to try some coffee? We have the best quality in this town.” Mr. Jack: “Wow, it would be really lovely to try it.”Waiter: “Ok Sir, is There anything l can you help you with?”Mr. Jack: “No Thanks, l think it’s enough.”Waiter: “Okay l Will bring it to you now.”Answer The Questions According To The Dialogue!1.) Where is the location of the dialogue above?2.) Why does Mr. Jack call the waiter?3.) What does the waiter offer to Mr. Jack?4.) How does Mr. Jack respond the offer?5.) What does Mr. Jack say if he refuses the offer?​

present perfect tense nya 1. saya telah sparing bahasa Inggris sejauh 7 tahun 2. Beliau sudah lalu lulus SMA3. Dia sudah tinggal di Jakarta sejak 20224. Saya …

belum mengerjakan pr 5. Dia sudah di SMA selama 2 waktu​

lengkap dialog bahasa inggris tentang valentino rossi​

1. If you look your teacher who brings many books, what should you do? 2. why we can’tepi langit live alone in the world? I Give your opinion! 3. What should yo …

u do if someone offers help to you? 4. What do you say if you want to refuse offering from someone? Give the expression! 5. If someone says “Thank you for your help what should you say to answer it? 5ive two expression!​