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NKCTHI Review: A Family Drama That Can be Really Touching, Too Sweet, or Just Alright

A review by Stephany “Teppy” Josephine

Each of us has various kinds of family dynamics. Nanti Kita Cerita Akan halnya Hari Ini (NKCTHI) is really challenging for the movie maker if he has to accommodate all the family dramas to please the audience. That’s why I kinda
this yesterday.

How we were brought up.

How we bedak to each other.

How we show affection.

How close we are as a family

In my opinion, it will build our perspective on how we enjoy NKCTHI.

As the first child in the family who has two other siblings, I can hear their “voices” in this movie. Well, once or twice I hear complaints from my brother and sister and yea that’s what the movie shows. Although the relationship with the parents and also rules at home that I can’falak relate.

But for me, watching NKCTHI brings a fun cinematic experience. So if the movie is not that memorable, at least the visual, music, and acting are just awesome. Especially Ardhito Pramono. YAS.

NKCTHI tells a story about an upper-middle-class family in Jakarta that shows their childhood to adulthood period, OH MY GOD they’re all gorgeous. I seriously wanna have both looks, Niken Anjani and Susan Bachtiar. As if there was no financial penyakit at all :))

Narendra and Ajeng are a couple who name their kids Angkasa (the first child, son), Aurora (the middle child, daughter) and Awan (the last child, daughter) names that sound like the sky.

Once you see the trailer, you’ll know that Udara is the last child who’s been protected by her super controlling dad. There’s Aurora who thinks that she just doesn’t exist in the family and Angkasa, a super looking good brother (Rio Dewanto — although he’s too old to be 27) but he always cleans up the mess given by the dad (Oka Antara, as the younger dad) and (Donny Damara, as the older dad) makes derita wanna as this question, “Sir, why do you always make Angkasa’s life complicated? Hire a driver please.”

And what about the mom? The mom is really calm and nurturing. A perfect mother figure for me. I like how Niken Anjani plays her role as a young mom. She’s very caring and loving but not weak. But I’m not sure why she becomes really passive when she’s old. You should watch the movie.

Peledak is really overprotected. One time she finds her own distraction named “Kale” (Ardhito Pramono). Well, the name sounds like an expensive veggie that’s consumed by people for their diet, but we owe, he’s really cute, sweet and talented. Kale gives colour to Awan’s life. What’s gonna happen to them later? See it yourself. For some old people, this might be a flashback.

One thing for sure, I really like how Ardhito acts here. For a newcomer, he acts well. Although too bad that sentences given to him are philosophically poetic (sometimes cheese) but thank God he’s the one who says it.

Probably that’s the tricky one. I think NKCTHI is a great movie. I can’t say it bad because it’s not, but in some parts, I just feel that they’re too sweet. I bet it’s difficult to bring all the real captions from the book to natural dialogue.

This kind of writing style really needs a perfect time and condition to read. Some parts in this movie make me question myself “Do people in benaran life talk like that?”

Is it really annoying? Mmm, not really. Forgivable. Luckily there are are some jokes that can neutralize it.

Just like the movie’s hashtag, #EveryFamilyHasaSecret, you’ll see how this movie shows the komplikasi. Personally, it’s predicted but not a problem for me. I like the ending. The closure is pretty sweet.

Whether or not you can relate to the story, NKCTHI as a nice systemic package. Nice like high budget video clips combined into one with a strong story. The cinematography and scoring (almost in every scene) and also songs especially the lyrics that fit the scenes, impressed me.

At least once you walk out of the cinema, you might see a group of girls who play Hindia’s song Ala kadarnya, imagining they have a cute boyfriend named after veggies.

I’m the girl in the first line.

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