i hope you will take part in the preparations.”” (paragraph 1) what does the phrase “”take part””

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Sania…(go)toa weading party medium hotel alone last Saturday night

hey you, i just wanna say thanks to you. cause you ve bean my umbrella in my strom. you became my rainbow after my rain. in my darkest day, you always …

beside me. i was scared of everything but with you by my side, i’m not scared anymore. we met unexpectedly and suddenly i have feelings for you. i know we not supposed to be together, but i’m happy you come to my life

Parafrase situasi.2,3,4 intern b.inggris ke b. Indonesia kls 9

Kenapa kamu memilih kerjakan sekolah di smp area 6 pocoranaka terjemah ke bahasa inggris

Hai Hello my friend How are you to day Yes i’am fine tahanks you You have two books Yes i have two books

Apa artinya privat bahasa inggris ringt. From now on we will use englis class everbody ,wat do you think ? Are ypu redy

dialog percakapan 2 khalayak dalam bahasa Inggris paling 6 jajar dengan artinya ​

LET’S Activity 2: Making Suggestions Based on the following situations, make suggestions with should, ought to, or had better! Add explanation or reas …

on! 1. You bought lunch for your brother, but he has eaten. 2. Your friend hasn’t submitted his assignment. Today is the deadline. 3. Your brother often litters.4. Your friend has some pimples on her face. 5. You and your friend are practicing dance, but your friend cannot memorize the move.mohon bantuannya buat dikumpulin besok •́ ‿ ,•̀​

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