he is very good at ____ his workers A. motivates B. motivator C. motivating D. motivate​

Adjective + preposition + gerund

He is very good at
his workers



Gerund adalah kata kerja nan diberi akhiran -ing tapi berubah fungsinya menjadi kata benda.

Misal kata kerja, gerund boleh bermain laksana:

  1. subject; e.g
    is my hobby.
  2. subject complement; e.g My hobby is
  3. direct object; e.g. I like
  4. indirect object; e.g. I will give
    a consideration.
  5. object of
    preposition. e.g. You must eat before swimming.

Gerund as an object of preposition

Gerund dapat digunakan sebagai object berpangkal kata depan tunggal.

e.g. She cried after reading the letter.

Gerund sekali lagi digunakan setelah adjective + preposition.

e.g. I’m titinada keen on cooking.

He’s angry about having to take the train.

They’re good at singing and dancing.

She’s used to drinking coffee.

Gunakan gerund setelah noun + preposition.

e.g. There’s a choice of taking the lessons online or offline.

The baby is in danger of falling of his crib.

He has difficulty in spelling.

Verb + preposition juga diikuti gerund.

e.g. I agree with having a drink.

We believe in working hard.

They apologize for being stubborn.