He a diligent student.​

Governments usually require all individuals to conform to the laws ___________ they make. Britain is country ___________ has an economic system based …

on private enterprise and private supplies of capital. Karl Mark was a nineteen-century economic thinker _________ proposed no private property at all. All individuals required to conform to the laws ___________are made by their governments. He is the economist ___________I want to meet in the seminar. Capital is surplus income_____________ is available for investment in new business activities. Karl mark is a political economist _____________theory is still popular until now. The citizens must obey the law___________ the government makes.​

Yok bantu yokBantu tugas anak orang 🙂 ..​

In April the rate of unemployment rose to 5 million. What is the tenses of this sentence used?​

5. Do you think that the writer is happy in telling about the story? Give your opinion! Activity ​

1. Arka Aldo Leo Bima Arka Leo Bima Leo Aldo Bima the text! : Hello, Bima! How was the swimming competition yesterday? : Yeah. That was on weekdays. T …

oo bad we couldn’t attend your competition. : I have a feeling that this is a good news. So, how’s the result? : It was great. I was worried before but finally I got the first place! : Really? Congratulations! : You deserve it, Bima! I knew you always practiced hard. : Hahaha. Practicing hard is a must. : I know, right? Hahaha. : Congratulations, Bima! I hope you can always enjoy your competitions. : Thank you, Aldo! I hope so, too. 1. Who participate the swimming contest? 2. How about the result? Can he win the competition? 3. What Aldo and Arka say to express congratulate? 4. What Aldo say to show hope? 5. What Bima say to response them?​

task 1: complete the following dialogue tieh the phrases in the box! akbar : it is 2.45 o.m we should …. adit : but the girl have titinada cobe yet. akba …

r : no, thet have titinada. …. adit : derita too. …. akbar : may be because of the rain. adit : well, …. akbar: yes, i hope so. adit : and …. akbar i think they will not forget it. girls have good memories tolong jawabkan aku gak pandai smp kelas 9

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Holiday Suitcase 1 Sokong isi ya, pakai bahasa Inggris​