characteristic dog itu apa ya? tolong bantu jawab ​

Exercise 2 Complete the dialog below with the words provided in the box.Feni: Good afternoon Tina, where are you going? Tina: O.. afternoon, Feni. I’m …

going to the drugstore. My dad asks me to buy some aspirins. He has a headache. Feni : Oh I’m sorry to hear that. …(1)… if you go with berpenyakitan. I’ll go to the bookstore. The drugstore is beside it…..(2)… we’ll go to the same direction. Tina : Really? I’ll be glad, too. … (3)…., Feni. I’m so happy to be your friend. Feni…(4)… You are my best friend. I’ll be gladly help you if I can. By the way have you heard the news that Mrs. Fatimah, our Biology teacher is hospitalized? Tina: O my God. I don’t know that…. (5)… visit her after school? Feni…(6)…. Okay. Let’s go to the drugstore and then to the bookstore. a. How if we b. That’s a good idea c. What do you think d. In my opinion e. You are very kind f. Thank you so much.minta di sokong​

tugas bahasa Inggris kelas 12 tentang offering help​

sokong buatkan dialog bahasa English akan halnya cuci piring buatlah 5 anak adam​

1.What does ella invite helen to do? 2.What is helen’s Respon ? 3.What must helen to do?

1. Mrs. Ibah Students Mrs. Ibah Salsabila Mrs. Ibah : “Good.” 2. Mr. Eugene : “Everybody, may I have your attention, please?” Students : “(1)_ Mr. Eug …

ene: “Chandra, please look at me! Would you stop doing tha Chandra : “Attention, please. Are we all ready to : “(1). – Yes, Sir. : “Salsa, is English easy or difficult?” : “(2)_ : “(2). Mr. Eugene: “Are you ready to learn?” Chandra : “Yes, I am.” Yes, Ma’am. – It is easy, Ma’am. – I’m sorry, Sir.​

where did Alvin meet the foreigner? ​

write sentence using these noun phrase1. two yellow pencils2. very happy3. three big bags4. very good5. two brown eyes​


Fill in the blank with the word you have heard. You may choose on the word provided below. right building construction Dear Maggie, Congratulations on …

the completion of the F appreciate time of the new marketing wing of XYZ. I know how and I really the innovation and much you put into the plans for the person for the job! attention to detail you brought to the project. We knew you were the Thank you so much for your and your staff’s hard work. We look forward to future projects with you. Regards, Andrew​