Benar yang mana save the best for last atau save the best for the last?

Make a dialog about how to make milk tea

14. An urgent call from your family asked you to go hom. You are in the middle of the a meeting. What will you say to your peers​

Make a dialog about suggesting a good high school

Make a dialog about how to buy a pen at the pena store

Sita : Hi, Fangki, why’d take You So long Fangki:lam Sorry, Sita I got into the Conge Sted road Sita: we as of now begin the dramation Practife Form a …

n hour back Fangki: Please, forgive me for my mistake Sita: Alright Presently how about we join th Practice Fangki: Can we bagin once again the Practi Sita: Yes we can Fangki: okay​

Make a dialog about cute hamster

1.What do you know about “Checking Understanding” in communication?2.what do you know about”Getting and showing attention”to others? sister is a s …

cience olympiad champion,in my opinion…​

jawaban Dri Attention please hal 8 Ceceh jawaban Sesegera​

Soal B inggris Kls 8 Semester 1 Hal 8 – 9butuh jawaban selekasnya​

tolong di jawab ya kak plise​