B. slept vaking 2. “Suddenly, I was jolted from my sleep and saw it was after 06:30”. (par. 1 line

tolong dong nan bisa bantuin yak​

kak bantuin dong minta tlng​

B. Wishes + Would (turn)! 1. My neighbour plays loud music. I wish he do so, but he won’t listen. I wish he 2. Also, his dog barks all night. I wish t …

he dog. neighbour (titinada/ _(have) a pet fish, titinada a dog. 3. Yesterday, someone parked in my parking space. I wish people spot. There’s even a sign that says, “Reserved Parking”. I wish sign. 4. It’s expensive and troublesome to have a car in the city. Somet (not/have) a car. However, public transit is not very convenien (build) more subway lines. 5. English grammar is difficult sometimes. I wish it, (listen).​

bantu di tolong jawab yasoal Bahasa Inggris:cari 10 pembukaan kerja d task ini..#Jawab yang benar, Please!!​​

tolong di tolong jawab yasoal Bahasa Inggris:cari 10 kata kerja d task ini..#Jawab yang etis, Please!!​

Answer the questions.1.Did she blow out all of the candles?No, she didn’cakrawala blow all of them out.2. Did he use up all of the glue?3.Did they put on thei …

r coats?4. Did he pick up all of his toys?isikan yg etis​

Text 1 Paragraph 3 4 1 2 Main Idea Hannah introduces herself. Details Hannah knew Alia from Caroline. Caroline told Hannah that Alia wanted to have pe …

n pals from USA.​

buatlah dialog 4 basyar mengenai memufakati dan menolak ajakan dalam bahasa inggris