arrange the following words into a good sentence. announced -the classrom -last -the headmaster

kak plis bantu buatin lengkap percakapan/dialog akan halnya ekspresi attention,checking understand ,opinion compliment 4 bani adam,1.turunan ngomong 5 kali !!pli …

s bantu kk​

turn off thoroughly Ingredients: ● Steps: ● ● ● Activity 7 1 ● ● 14 chicken tender 48 add 1 garlic 1 pinch of pepper 2 stalks of celery 1 potato 2 car …

rots 1/4 cabbage 1 pinch of salt 4 glasses of water 1 tomato The following recipe is not comple Complete it with the words in the 4) Grind pepper, 5) Put the spice 6) wash Cut the chicken and wash it 1) Boil the water in a 2) mixture How to Make Chicken Soup BRIGHT 3 serve saucepan Put the potato, carrots and 7) Wait for ten minutes or until the vegetables are soft. 8) 9) 10) and cook the chicken unt the stove. the chicken soup hot. Activity 8 1 A 1. put on 2. put out 3. turn off 4. slice 5. wrap 6. bend 7. seed 8. trim 9. blend 10. mash 3. thin 5. silent all the vegetables and cut them into pieces. 4. quickly and garlic. 6. big into the saucepan. 7. wide 8. clean 9. rough the chopped celery and tomato into the sauce 10. dry into the saucepan A 1. soft 2. long a. b_ C. C Activity € Act translate nya plissss​

Questions number 5 to 6 is based on the following conversation. Joshua “Morning, Jack.” : “Morning, Josh.” Jack Joshua Jack : “How are you today?” idT …

“(5)….” Joshua Jack : “I was typing my science assignment last night when the electricity went out. I haven’falak saved the file and I didn’ufuk have more time to retype it.” Joshua : “Whoa, that’s too bad. I am sorry to hear that, buddy.” Jack : “Thanks, Josh.” 5. The best expression to fill the blank is.. : : “What’s wrong?” 6. What have happened with Jack?Barang apa khasiat what happened happened with ​

Patterns:(+) Subject+ have/has +V3 +O(-) Subject+have/has +not +V3 + O(?) Have/ has +subject+ V3 + O+..?1.The president (legalize) the regulation.(+)( …

-)(?)2. Mom and dad (get married) for 40 years.(+)(-)(?)​

plis jawab kk abgtolang sokong ya​

Mrs. Heni :Mrs. Paula : nice to meet you too. call me when you come here again​

segala apa penali dari narasi Mahabharata?​

Tolong dijawab dengan ter-hormat jangan ngasal ❌​

Sokong dijawab dengan sopan jangan ngasal ❌​

plz kk tolong tugas saya donk plz