Activity: Pick Your Favorite Directions: Pick your favorite between the given options below. Then,

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1. Basketball or Volleyball


I dont really like sport. But, if i have to pick one, i would choose volleyball rather than basketball. Because this game has a lot of rules. I cant hold the ball too long or i’ll get a penalty. Aside from that, i have breathing issue that did’nt allow me to have a heavy motion, and for derita playing basketball is exhausting.

2. English or Math


IT’S A HARD QUESTION! i enjoy both, but i will still deeply surely choose ENGLISH.  I study math much more often. Im enjoying math, but at the same time, i cant live without english.

3. Mobile Legends (ML) or Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)


Honestly, im kinda outdated about ML, DOTA and so on. I dont play games, but i peek a bit when my friends play it. maybe, i choose ML with a simple reason, bcs all my friends play it, literally all of them.