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segala bahasa indonesianya how do the addressees listen to the monolog?tolong lah​

Bantu ya dijawab lekas!Arrange the sentences below into the right dialogue. (Susunlah kalimat di bawah ini menjadi dialog yang tepat.)1.My family an …

d I will visit my grand parents in Bengkalis2.Yes, it will be a long journey3.It is so far away Wish you have a nice trip4.It is in Riau, right?5.Yes, it is6.Where will you spend your holiday?7.Thanks, Dani—————————————————————Dani : Endah : Dani : Endah : Dani : Endah : Dani : Endah : ​

apa bahasa indonesianya who is the monolog addressed to?yg cepet jawabnya​

qpa bahasa indonesianya where is the monolog deliferet?BESOK DI KUMPULIN​

1.You should visit your grandparents. They Miss you a lot…2.You mustn’ufuk park your car here. It’s a hospital exit..3.We must study more. The exam is …

close…4.You mustn’t use a mobile phone in class…5.You must arrive at 7:00 o’clock. The speech starts on time…6.You should eat more vegetables…7.You shouldn’tepi langit drink beer so early. It isn’t good for you…8.You mustn’t smoke in hospital…9.They should walk every day. Both are fat10.We must go to talk with the headmaster…11.We mustn’kaki langit speak aloud. There are III people…12.He must listen to his parents..13.She sould buy this dress. It isn’t expensive14.The souldn’kaki langit eat chocolates. It isn’t good for her diet…15.I mustn’cakrawala open the window. He is painting the walls…tolong jawab dong, tak translate yaa​

Buatlah Mind Mapping B.ingTentang Filling Our Form​

Segala bahasa Inggrisnya bertutur dengan sopanBUTUH JAWABAN CEPAT​

fitrah meet teacher at 07.00 A.M fitrah say terjemahkan dalam bahasa Indonesia dong kak plisss​

listen to dialog one and two and fill in the blank with suitable answers available in the box​

Menciptakan menjadikan konversasi bahasa inggris beranggotakan 2 manusia yang berisikan greeting, attention, appreciation, opinion, understanding​