11. What does the writer hate? a. Flying b. Walking c. Running d. Sleeping

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Kak bantu dong jawab cak bertanya ini Jangan ngasal ya

tolong di jawab kak besok di kumpul​

tolong jawabin no 2, 4, 5soalnya pake suaralink suaranya: https://intanonline.com/PR21/SM1/BING/VIII/LISTENPR21_03.html​

Some compliments have patterns. Observe and find the patterns for both singular and berbagai rupa (4 different patterns for each) from the table!

Task 5 Homework: Practise the following dialogue with your classmate. Do it in Miko: Hey, Amoi! Dara: Yes? Miko: Please tell me how to make a library …

card. Upik : You have to fill in a form. Miko: Where do I get the form? Amoi: You can get it in the library. You should meet Ms Tania. Miko: The librarian? Upik: Yes. She will guide and help you get a library card. Do you know what I mean? Miko: Yes, I do. When, in your opinion, is the best time to meet her? Putri: I think breaktime is the best time. Miko: Thank you for the information. Dara: Anytime.​

Task 2 Make a dialogue containing the expression of hope and wish based on the following topics! 1. Your sister is going to have a presentation. 2. Yo …

ur brother is going to have an exam. 3. Your friend is going to have a dancing performance.4. Your friend is going to participate on a competition.5. Your mother is going to have a trip abroad​

kak tolong tolong jawab dong soalnya mau di kumpulkan dan jangan pangkal asalan​

kak tolong sokong jawab dong soalnya mau di kumpulkan dan jangan pangkal asalan​