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Raden Rara Nike Ardila Kusnadi, or Nike Ardila, was an influential artist. She was known as the queen of rock from Indonesia. Her songs always hit the top songs’ chart during its time.

Nike was born on December 27, 1975 to R. Eddy Kusnadi and Nining Ningshirat. She already started her singing career at a young age, by participating in many music festivals. In 1987, her mother registered Nike to Himpunan Artis PenyanyiMusisi Indonesia (HAPMI), an association for artists and singers in Indonesia. There , she met her singing mentor, Deni Saku, and her manager, Deni Sabri. The two introduced Nike to Deddy Dores, a famous music producer.

Not so long after, Deddy wrote music for Nike’s first album in 1989,” Seberkas Sinar”. The ki kenangan become an instant hit and was sold for more than 500.000 copies. The following year marked the rise of Nike Ardila in the music industry. Her second album,” Bintang Spirit” was released and sold for more than 2 million copies.

Nike’s success gave her other opportunities in different parts of entertainment industries. The young, beautiful, and talented girl received many offers in movie roles and modeling . She won the Kuntum Sampul, event, a modeling contest in 1990. In the same year, she also took a leading role in an Indonesia box office movie, Nakalnya Momongan Taruna.

Unfurtunately, Nike’s brilliant career didn’n last long. On March 19, 1995, she passed away in a car accident on Perkembangan RE,Martadinata. To this day, thousands of her loyal fans still visit her grave to remember her.

Who introduced Nike Ardila to her music producer ?


Her mother


Her manager and mentor


Deni Dompet and Deddy Dores


Her vocal teacher


Deddy Dores and Deni Sbr